Highway Surveyors Ltd does exactly what it says on the tin, we do highway surveys. We donít build bridges, fill in pot holes or make fizzy drinks so that means we are completely devoted to collecting very good data indeed.

We understand the demands of Highway Engineers, because we are Highway Engineers, specialising in visual condition and inventory surveys, but with a twist. We want to help our clients get more out of their data, but faster than ever possible before. Our Clients are able to see the surveying progress, as it happens, on the internet with interactive tools for processing the data. It also goes without saying that the data quality is the best you can get – poor data means poor results. So, no more waiting for months to see your data or guesswork on progress. Our Clients really are part of the team.

The Highway Surveyors is a new name, but we have a pedigree history going back to 1979 in highway management. The Company is the result of many years of planning by Steve Batchelor to bring to the market an integrated highway management product that finally satisfies the demands of the Highway Engineer. The result is ReGen®, the complete Highway Engineer’s toolkit. ReGen® is not only a surveying tool; it’s a management tool; it has data optimisation tools; and best of all, it’s a GIS product sitting on Google Maps and accessible on the internet, 24 hours a day. Never before has condition data been available, and processed, within minutes of collection. Imagine what you can do with not only accurate information, but information accessible to you before the Surveyor has gone onto the next road!

Steve founded Data Collection Limited in 1993 which became a leader in all forms of highway surveying and analysis prior to its sale in 2007. So why now The Highway Surveyors? “The industry took a different direction in the late 1990’s which was not one that sat comfortably with most Engineers. What was once useful data in highway management became just an expensive statistical tool and I wanted to find a way to bring that functionality back into the hands of the Engineer and away from the Politician. Many years of research have gone into the development of ReGen® and it gives the Engineer instant useable data between collection and the UKPMS system.

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